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Real Estate Purchase

If real estate is supposed to be sold, the notary public has to notarize the contracts. Herein lye many different working steps one must consider and experience notary public should take care of. GKK notary public Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock provides to the parties professional services and a smooth transaction.

Company-/ Society- /Trust Foundation

At the beginning of every undertaking stands the association of the parties to something new. In most cases it has and every case should be agreed upon in an association contract , drafted and notarized by a notary public. The notary public Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock provides counsel and through it the best start into the new project.

Last will / Living will

For the family and for ones own sake every one needs to order her/his own affairs in order to avoid misunderstandings or even disputes. Through Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock GKK stands also in these difficult and personal matters by the clients site and ensure legal peace in these very sensitive times of life.

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