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Public official’s law

If in the administration, the police or in the military – German public officials have a special legal relationship to their employer, the German government. As a special attorney Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock assist especially in promotions, reassignments and official assessments.

Construction Law

If it is about construction approvals, the change of usage or the compliance with fire protection guidelines – GKKs lawyer Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock ensures to his clients the best representation.

Energy-/Environmental Protection Law

Attorney Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock and lawyer Dagmar Gräfin Kerssenbrock published an analysis of the German Energieeinspeisungsgesetz and are experts for the assessement of federal law that is supposed to ensure the change to alternative energy resources. In the context with neighbor disputes environmental issues arise as well and can decide whether a project is successful or not.

School-/ University-/ Examination Law

When parents apply for their children to attend specific schools or students apply for university, they are sometimes rejected. Attorney Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock checks, whether or not the rejection has merits and it is possible to sue for admittance.

European and International Law

Through the slow but continuous unification of the European Union to one economic zone no case can be considered without thorough knowledge of the European and International Law. If it is about the assessment of personal rights, the basic European trade freedoms or the evaluation of subsidies. Attorney Dr. Rembert Graf Kerssenbrock provides counsel also in these matters so that the globalization becomes a chance, not an obstacle.

Anti- Monopoly/ Trust Law

Before major M&A transactions antitrust questions automatically arise and need to be taken care of with the consent of the German/European authorities. These issues can be taken care of by Dr. Rembert Graf Kerssenbrock.

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