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In what cases should I go to a lawyer?

Whenever you have legal questions. Often, especially in times of the Internet, clients dare to “google” problems on their own.

In our experience, clients only believe to solve the problem. The legal advice in Internet forums should be treated with caution. The clients do not know in many cases, what is important really and see their case often only on one side, researched uncompletely. It is only with the attorney that the client can investigate the facts and the issues that actually matter.

Therefore, you should as soon as possible ask for legal advice from a lawyer that you trust.

How does it work?

Should you come to the conclusion you need a lawyer, please contact us either via email and give us the basic outline of you case about your case as precisely as possible, or make an appointment with us.

Would you like us to become our client, a letter of attorney will be sent to you sign. If it is a legal representation and you have a legal expenses insurance, we inform them and ask for a cover letter. If possible, we then try to reach a settlement first otherwise we file on your behalf a lawsuit or prepare the defense. Is it a purely extrajudicial legal advice as in contract design etc the process of each mandate differs depending on the client’s demands.

Please also refer to our initial consultation via Skype!


In principle, the fees of German lawyers are legally determined by the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, RVG. But in extensive extrajudicial advice, usually an hourly rate between the lawyer and the client is agreed upon. The hourly rate of GK varies between 250 and 350 €.

If it is foreseeable that the mandate extends over a long period of time, a fee advance (Retainer) will be paid by the client.

If the retainer is used up, the client will be informed and can decide whether or not and how he / she wants to continue.


When do I need a notary public?

The notary public is considered to be a public official and completely independent. In Schleswig-Holstein unlike in Hamburg lawyers have the option to work as a notary at the same time. However, the notary may not advice in the same matter in which he has worked as a lawyer. Otherwise there is the risk of partiality of the notary.

Certifications or accreditations are required in many areas of the private and business life. For example, the sale of land, equity stakes or the creation of an advance or a Community Testament. In all these matters, the notary must be consulted, which makes him an important contact for different situations. The services of the notary should always be carried out where the notary is stationed.

This does not mean that there are not flexible solutions if the parties are unable to attend a joint appointment with the same notary.


The costs for the notarization, authentication or conduct other related services, are determined by the court and notary fees Act. Unlike with lawyers it is not possible to make separate fee arrangements.

Fees - Payment

Counsel - First Consultation

Although it was in earlier days common to pay the lawyer's fees after the receipt of the invoice, the introduction of Paypal Logo offers new opportunities.

In case you already registered a Paypal account we will then send you the invoice directly over Paypal through our own account and ask for a direkt payment. It is faster, absolutly secure and 100 % transparent.

In case you arrange an appointment for a first consultation we then will ask you to pay a fee of 100 € in advance via your Paypal account or through your ordinary bank account to one of your business account. This provides security for both sides since GK then knows, the client is serious about the matter and on the other hand the client knows that GK will consider you as a client serious and directly provide you with professional counsel.

The "First Consultation" may also be booked and carried out via Skype. Just check out our Online-Services.

Purchase of contract drafts

GK also provides bi- and trilingual contract drafts (German - English - Chinese) which may be purchased by you through clicking onto the Paypal-button and the transaction of the amount that is asked for.

Once you payed the amount please notify us by Email, we will then send you your copy immediatly.

Please be aware that the documents will be sent by our office only during Opening hours on workdays, Monday to Friday. (9:00 - 18:00 Uhr)

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