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GKK assists specifically in Chinese-German M&A transaction through its attorney Dr. Rembert Graf Kerssenbrock and its Chinese Counsel Jing Gräfin Kerssenbrock to ensure smooth legal and cultural due diligences and negotiations, without further language barriers. Further GKK provides bi- and trilingual contracts throughout the whole transaction, simplifying the whole Chinese-German transaction significantly.

Labor Law

If your contract was terminated, your have been discriminated at your workstation or are you and employer and need to restructure the whole staff: With attorney and notary Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock and attorney Martina Comberg GKK assists employers as well as employees in judicial as well as non-judicial disputes.

Company Law

When it comes to founding, restructuring or purchasing/selling a company, legal questions automatically arise, regardless if it is a partnership or a capital company. GKKs services covers the simple double-check of certain clauses, over to recovering compensations to drafting whole company contracts.

Family Law

In family law attorney Martina Comberg especially assists in divorce and custody disputes and offers also mediations for a non-judicial consense between the parties.

Inheritance Law

If it is about last will, disputes over the distribution of ones property among the family or regulating ones inheritance: To offer our clients wholesome assistance GKKs notary and lawyer Dr. Trutz Graf Kerssenbrock offers advice in these very personal matters as well.

Media Law

In times of global digitalization every day new legal issues arise in connection with the internet. That is why GKKs lawyer Dagmar Gräfin Kerssenbrock provides legal assistance to her clients especially when it comes to issues connected with internet-downloads and provider liability. Further GKK provides counsel in matters of freedom of speech and false journalistic reports.

Insolvency law

If a company has to declare bankruptcy, the insolvency administrators challenge every creditor for their last payments received by the bankrupt undertaking. This can have “life-threatening” consequences to the creditor itself. The lawyer Dres. Graf Kerssenbrock provide counsel and represent these creditors to save them from further harm.

International Private law

Also in international trade disputes between the contracting parties arise that have to be solved through mediations, courts or arbitration. The different jurisdictions and the different international agreement in effect make solutions for these conflicts rather difficult. Through Dr. Rembert Graf Kerssenbrock GKK assists in these matters.

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